Regardless of what your church worship gatherings may look like, the principles of making disciples who make disciples are the same. Believers must commit themselves to both GATHERING and SCATTERING.

The key to planting the gospel in the culture around you is not starting worship gatherings but everyone scattering to make disciples of those in the culture around them.

“When the gospel is planted, as Paul puts it, it is God who ‘makes it grow’ (see 1 Cor. 3:6-7). When one focuses on planting the gospel among unreached people he becomes open to God’s process for building His church. On the other hand, when we focus on the planting of a church over the planting of the gospel. our focus can become organizational, programmatic, and institutional. Therefore, we must focus on planting of the gospel.” (emphasis mine)

Tom Cheyney, Seven Steps for Planting Churches

If we follow Paul’s pattern of planting the gospel, he makes disciples and then started churches.

Disciplemaking always preceded gathering for worship in the New Testament.
Worship gatherings are the natural result of planting the gospel and making disciples.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Go plant the gospel in the culture around you!