I was trying to mobilize the church to reach Muslims. What is the best way for these partnerships to make a breakthrough in the people groups with which they were working?

Walter Henrichsen in Disciples Are Made Not Born suggests a hypothetical situation that clearly illustrates the process of multiplication. Suppose a father offers his two sons the choice of taking either one dollar a week for 52 weeks or one cent the first week and an amount each week for the next 51 one week’s that is double the previous week’s amount.

“Making disciples will require the intentionalrefocusing of your whole life, including your time, both personal and ministry.”

It’s my privilege to serve the Missionary Church Western District as the Director of Church Multiplication. I have been in this role for over ten years. It’s been a true blessing for me to come alongside church planters and their teams to encourage their ongoing development!

I met for coffee this week with a Christian who had recently graduated from college. I challenged him to consider that Jesus command to make disciples was for all believers and that the disciplemaking process begins with non-Christians.

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I’ve been training and coaching church planters for many years! I really love helping church planters to start new churches. But today I’ve decided to change my message to church planters.

Too many have been taught that faith means to agree to a set of religious facts about Jesus rather than choosing to take up their cross daily and follow Him. This shredding of justification from sanctification has done great damage to the authenticity and power of the gospel. It has created a church where faith equals intellectual assent, and high commitment is the exception rather than the norm. Therefore, in the United States, the church continues to shrink in size, lacks relevancy because of moral duplicity, and preaches a gospel that produces more consumers of religious goods and services than disciples.

One of the struggles that many Christian leaders have is in the area of time management. It’s important to be disciplined with how you use the time in each day.

“My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to accomplish His work.”

Last year I attended the Global Church Planting Network in Istanbul, Turkey. It was a powerful gathering of 100 church planting leaders representing 15 regions of the world.