The darkness is fading. The world is here. The Lord is moving. The question is not “How do we reach people for Christ?” …it’s “How do we reach nations for Christ?” That is how we change the world.

My friend Phil Graf explains how Christian Associates is starting churches in the nations of Europe. The pressure to start gathering people and “doing church” has not advanced the kingdom of God. He suggests that church planting missionaries need to Embed + Initiate + Gather + Church – and do it well.

It was an awkward moment. As I heard the words come out of her mouth, I wanted to walk away or just crawl into a hole and hide.

I received these lyrics in an email from my son this past week…

My wife and I serve as missionaries with One Challenge (OC International) on the U.S. Ministries Team. Our focus is accelerating church planting movements here in America to reach our nation and the nations among us.

This past weekend – Evident Church in Macomb, Michigan celebrated their second anniversary. I’ve been coaching the church planter, Josh Hossler, for the past year.

Simple things reproduce. You cannot pass on something complicated from one person to another and then another and so on. The more complex an idea, the more people will think they are incapable of mastering it.

Cappuccino – enjoyed while coaching at Trabant in the U District

My colleague Bob Rasmussen has developed a nine-week course offered in Seattle WA this fall on the practical “crossing culture” skills you need to be effective in a global, multicultural world. Here are the details:

In yesterday’s post, I pointed out how Pemco Insurance had creatively identified the uniqueness of those who live in the Pacific Northwest — see Pemco: Understanding the Culture (part 1).