[featured_image]My wife and I serve as missionaries with One Challenge (OC International) on the U.S. Ministries Team. Our focus is accelerating church planting movements here in America to reach our nation and the nations among us. We are grateful that Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue has committed to support us as Ministry Partners!

Here’s the announcement that was shared with the church last Sunday:Crossroads Bible Church: Supporting in Mission | missionalchallenge.com

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Crossroads and the Missions Department are pleased to announce that Dave DeVries is being added as one of our regularly supported Ministry Partners. Dave serves with OC International in the area of church planting and training pastors, both overseas and in the States. These are two of the ministry areas on which Crossroads places a high importance. Before coming to this area, Dave and his family lived in Southern California where Dave started and then pastored a church. Dave and his wife Deanne became members of Crossroads last year and continue to play a significant role in the College ministry. They have two college-age children, Doug and Maddie.

It is a wonderful privilege to be part of the Crossroads church family, and a blessing to be linked together as ministry partners. To discover more about Crossroads’ commitment to missions – click here.

There are many wonderful ways that local churches can support missioanries. Here are a few ideas:

1. Pray. Don’t just say you will pray – remember to pray. Ask what you can be praying for. Let them know you are praying. Discover how God is answering your prayers. Invite others to pray with you.

2. Give financially. Many missionaries are living only on the financial gifts that are received each month. In fact, too many missionaries live month-to-month, with little or no reserve, and often face deficits. It may not seem like much to you, but every contribution makes a difference. (We are so grateful for all of our financial supporters – no matter what the amount.)

3. Encourage. It can be really lonely as a missionary. Keep it touch. Use facebook to send messages if possible. Write notes. Call on skype. Even send little gifts. Be an encouragement.

4. Bless their kids. If they have kids, find ways to connect with and be a blessing to them. Age-appropriate gifts can mean a lot. As well as encouraging and blessing those college-age kids who return to the states without their parents to attend University. TCKs (third-culture kids) have a lot of adjustments to make – think of ways to bless them as they transition back to life in the US.

5. Share their stories. Introduce those around you to your missionary friends by sharing their story. Invite your friends to start praying for your missionaries, and even to start giving financially and encouraging them. (We are so blessed when our friends introduce us to their friends!)

6. Visit them. If it’s realistic – take a trip to encourage and support them. Your physical presence will mean a lot. (We’ve been very encouraged as several of our supporters have come to visit!)

7. Join their team. This might sound outrageous – but if God is calling you to serve as a missionary, listen, obey and join in. Why not partner together on the field with your missionary friends?

8. Be on mission in your zip code. God might not be calling you to join them in their mission by becoming teammates with them – but God certainly has called you to be on mission with Him right where you live. You can join God’s mission in your neighborhood or community, and that will be a big encouragement to your missionary friends.

Deanne and I are so grateful for our churches and friends who pray for us, give financially and encourage us each month!

Crossroads Bible Church

Lake Hills Community Church

Living Grace Christian Fellowship

Grace Baptist Church

Northpark Community Church

Fair Haven Ministries

Living Oaks Community Church

Today’s Missional Challenge

Consider how you can be a support and encouragement to your missionary friends today. Choose 4 or 5 of the ideas above and get started now!