Last week I spent some time with Neil Cole, author of Organic Church and Church 3.0, while training missionary leaders at the Chateau de St. Albain in Southern France. We had a great time connecting and conversing regarding church planting movements.

Neil writes,

Simple things reproduce. You cannot pass on something complicated from one person to another and then another and so on. The more complex an idea, the more people will think they are incapable of mastering it. As a result, they will not be empowered to tell others for fear of getting it wrong. (Church 3.0, p 170)

I appreciate Neil’s commitment to simplify everything – especially the process of making disciples. I’ve often emphasized 3 Simple Skills that every Christian needs to practice – see video.

While we were together, I asked Neil to share his thoughts on my new book. Watch this video.

“Dave has actually made everything much simpler with this book. He has reduced it to six words – six words to change the world. I love it! And it’s easy to read. Enjoy it.”- Neil Cole

Today’s Missional Challenge

Simplify your efforts to make disciples who make disciples.

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