Missional activity often focuses on multiplying disciples and planting churches. So, where should new churches be started?

Christ’s strategy is to scatter His people throughout the world between Sundays, penetrating society’s structure from within. They are the true ministers of Jesus Christ in the world. Rightly understood, every believer is in full-time service for Jesus Christ.

We are so excited! My son, Doug, has been accepted to Juilliard for the fall! This is an incredible answer to prayer. He has worked so hard for this. He has been playing the flute for the past five years and wants to pursue a career as a flutist.

As a missionary to the United States, my focus and calling is to facilitate church multiplication movements that transform America. You may wonder how it is that I am doing this. Here is my best understanding to date of what God has uniquely gifted me to do…

Jesus started the process of “discipleship” with non-disciples. I was challenged by Bob Logan many years ago to recognize that disciplemaking starts with non-disciples (non-Christians).

In The Externally Focused Church, you can read about Colorado Community Church in Aurora, CO. “They are defined by going after those who are still in the water.”

As we apply a missional approach to ministry in the United States, we are attempting to think and act like a missionary! We adopt a posture that seeks to “exegete” the culture around us, to build relationships with those in the culture, and to demonstrate and declare the good news of Jesus Christ!

Here is the reality: People are going to hell. That is their eternal destiny without Jesus. We have the answer. We have the only hope. We should be compelled to tell them the Good News about Jesus.

Christianity is a rescue religion. It declares that God has taken the initiative in Jesus Christ to deliver us from our sins. This is the main theme of the Bible.

John Piper does an excellent job answering this question in a sermon from May 26, 1996: