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As we apply a missional approach to ministry in the United States, we are attempting to think and act like a missionary! We adopt a posture that seeks to “exegete” the culture around us, to build relationships with those in the culture, and to demonstrate and declare the good news of Jesus Christ!

“In this increasingly interconnected planet where evangelism is now taking place on all continents, the churches at home must begin to model with integrity that which they have sent missionaries abroad to do. By sending them abroad in the first place, the church was confessing a transcultural commitment to the oneness of Jesus Christ.” (Ray Bakke, The Urban Christian p 133.)

Can you imagine what would happen in our country if every Christian started thinking and acting like a missionary – sent by Jesus in community with the message of the Cross?

Being a “missional church” is not simply about serving the poor and the homeless. Think this through – what would it look like to “model with integrity” that which we “have sent missionaries abroad to do”?

That’s the Missional Challenge!