It’s easy to get sucked into the world of blogs. There is so much to read out there–and then you’ve got people like me posting something every day.

Did you know that thousands of the world’s refugees are tucked into the suburbs of Los Angeles?

It’s been a good year. It’s also been a challenging year.

I was driving up Interstate 5 to northern California one day and I passed a Panera Bread truck. I love good bread – and Panera is good bread. In fact, I’ve never had anything there that wasn’t good.

A few months ago, I grabbed lunch at BJ’s with my friends Alan and Deb Hirsch and Steve Ogne. We had a great time sharing what God’s been doing in our lives and through ministry opportunities that He provides.

The Harbor is an amazing church in Ventura, California. It was started several years ago by my friend Milt Davis and recently, Sam Gallucci became their pastor. It’s not a big church–but they are having a big impact on people that many churches don’t want to embrace.

Engaging the culture around you with the gospel can be a struggle. Deciding that you are a “missionary” right where you live doesn’t automatically result in effective engagement with those around you.

“The Bible doesn’t command us to be baptized, but to be baptizers.”

Here are some blog posts this week that address the attractional and/or misisonal discussion.

Recently I listened to a message by my friend Dan Harty (Windsor Community Church)