[featured_image]Recently I listened to a message by my friend Dan Harty (Windsor Community Church) where he outlined the mission of their church and included several questions they ask to evaluate what’s important to them as a church. The questions were originally worded to be answered either “yes” or “no.” In an effort to increase the depth of your evaluation process, I’ve re-worded them to be “open-ended” and to focus on behaviors.

12 Questions to Evaluate Missional Effectivenes

1. How have we demonstrated that we are a gospel-centered church?
2. How have we made sure that we remain true to God’s Word
3. How have we been active as a praying church
4. How have we seen people “saved”? How have we multiplied disciples?
5. How have people’s priorities changed in obedience to Scripture
6. How have we developed purposeful relationships with unbelievers
7. How have we been a light in our community? Who would miss us if our church closed our doors
8. How have guests felt welcomed to our worship gatherings
9. How have people developed quality relationships within our church family
10. How have we identified and developed leaders? What’s next
11. How have we been “kingdom minded” with our resources
12. How have we evaluated everything we do in light of our mission? What needs to be realigned?

These questions would be great for a small group, a church plant, or any local church. The value of questions like these is focusing on behaviors that actually demonstrate your missional orientation. See also:

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