[featured_image]The Harbor is an amazing church in Ventura, California. It was started several years ago by my friend Milt Davis and recently, Sam Gallucci became their pastor. It’s not a big church–but they are having a big impact on people that many churches don’t want to embrace.

Currently, they’re ministering to several women who have young children and are living on the streets. They are intentional in their efforts to go after “Samaritan woman at the well” types. Many of these women have experienced multiple divorces, have young kids, emotional struggles. There are now seven women like that who are coming and they “have stories that blow me away,” Sam says. Yet, at The Harbor, they are beginning to experience God’s grace.

Sam’s vision is to keep loving on them, providing food and medical supplies to meet their needs, and establishing one-to-one discipleship relationships. They’ve recently hired someone (part-time) to provide “Ministry-based Case Management” for those who want to participate. This will include accountability, assessment of their situation, and assigning a mentor. This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to preach at The Harbor, and I met Jennifer and Albert. Jennifer lives on the streets and is 8 months pregnant (due March 24). The Harbor church family threw a baby shower and luncheon for her after the service. It was so awesome to see everyone coming together and loving on Jennifer. This seemed like something Jesus would do.

Pray for Sam and his wife Toni and The Harbor. God is using them to embody the mission and message of Jesus in Oxnard and Ventura!