I read this post from Nov 03, 2006 on Andrew Jones’ blog. I thought it was worth reading. I really like Simson’s previous book and I look forward to reading his new book when it is released (it’s been delayed a little – it should come out in December).

My Prayer For Humility | missionalchallenge.com

I have an internal desire to be part of something BIG, something significant, something that will change the world. I want to make a difference for God and His kingdom. I want to be part of shaping and influencing – and right now, that scares me.

Since I stopped preaching on June 11, 2006, and have been free to “go to church” or not go to “church” on Sunday, it has caused me to ask questions that I’ve asked before.

Missional Transformation is all about discovering how to “be Jesus” to everyone around you. It is a PROCESS – which includes abandoning practices which inhibit the accomplishment of the Great Commission on earth and adapting culturally relevant behaviors which will accomplish Jesus’ mission.

Missional Transformation is a process of discovery that begins when believers recognize their responsibility to align themselves (passions, desires, behaviors, habits) with the missionary purpose of Jesus.

Missional Christianity is consumed with following Jesus and aligning with His missionary purpose in this world.

When I started Lake Hills Church, we went door to door and asked the question, “Why do you think most people don’t go to church?” We thought this was a clever way of asking, “Why don’t you go to church?

This is a great link…

Church is NOT a Destination | missionalchallenge.com

Church is not a destination. It’s not somewhere Christians go to worship God and listen to great preaching! We often refer to our campus as our “church.” Sometimes we invite people to go to “church” with us.

Wow! I love the stimulation that comes from reading and listening to Michael and Alan. I first met Alan last December and we had a great conversation over breakfast.