[featured_image]Missional Transformation is all about discovering how to “be Jesus” to everyone around you. It is a PROCESS – which includes abandoning practices which inhibit the accomplishment of the Great Commission on earth and adapting culturally relevant behaviors which will accomplish Jesus’ mission.

Missional Transformation happens to pastors who begin to discover how to embrace Jesus’ missionary purposes. This discovery requires adjustments to the way you function as a pastor

  • You view every believer as a missionary who is sent by Jesus to their neighborhoods and workplaces. Therefore, you start acting like a missionary and engage in missional activities (“speed of the leader, speed of the team.”).
  • You view your preaching and teaching as your primary opportunity for equipping believers to embrace missional behaviors and activities. Therefore, your sermon preparation focuses on how to train others to follow Jesus more passionately by “being Jesus” to everyone around you.
  • You view the church as the “people of God” rather than the “place of God.” Therefore, buildings are not the goal or measure of success, but they are a tool to be used to accomplish the Great Commission; you begin to explore ways to better use the church campus to serve those in your community.
  • You view your church campus as a training center for missionary deployment. Therefore, you stop trying to attract people to come to church to meet Jesus and you start training every person that attends your weekend services how to be a missionary.
  • You view your success as a pastor as measured by fewer unreached people in your community, rather than by how many people attend your church. Therefore, you quit counting how many showed up in seats and keep focused on equipping every believer as a missionary.

How can more pastors experience Missional Transformation?

What other shifts are part of this Misisonal Transformation?