We cannot fulfill the Great Commission simply through the expansion of existing churches. Nor can we accomplish our mission merely through the addition of new churches. We must focus on multiplication, planting a variety of dynamic churches that will grow and reproduce. – Dr. Steve Ogne

Planting churches is hard work! Most church planters know this.

I love being part of the Missionary Church! I was initially attracted to their commitment to church planting and world missions.

I received this report today from Ben Jennings:

Many years ago I was challenged with the vision of Discipling A Whole Nation. I loved the way that vision flowed out of Christ’s final words to His disciples and the breadth of such a simple statement. I thought at the time – “Now that’s a cause that I could give my life to!”

Start Churches by Making Disciples |

Jesus never told His disciples to start churches. There’s not even a command to start churches anywhere in the New Testament.

Welcome to Day 8

I love cookies! I love eating them. I love making them. I love the taste of them. I love how they smell when they come right out of the oven. I get excited just thinking about cookies

There’s a shift in focus for church planters who are utilizing missional principles to start churches. Rather than starting services to make disciples, they are making disciples and then starting churches.

Alan and Deb Hirsch have written a new book that casts a dynamic vision for mission-shaped discipleship. Untamed is released this month and I’m watching my mailbox daily for my delivery from