Reaching our nationand the nations among us!”

Leaders must be accountable for disciplemaking. You’ve heard the adage, “Speed of the leader, speed of the team.”
Ask your spiritual leaders who they are influencing to follow Jesus. Don’t assume they are building relationships with lost people.

The more financial pressures placed on a church planter, the greater the pressure will be to attract “church people” to join the new church so that the giving base will grow.

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My friend and colleague in the Missionary Church Western District, Len Sunukjian, sent me a link to an article today in Charisma magazine entitled – Discipleship is Not a Dirty Word. While I’ve never personally viewed “discipleship” as a dirty word, I agree with these statements:

I love training and coaching church planters!

Whether you are reaching a community, planting a church, or discipling a neighborhood, developing a Missional Team must be a priority!

Follow in the Footsteps of Jesus!

Jesus was a disciplemaker.

I am privileged to facilitate the development of the Global Church Planting Network efforts in North America. If you haven’t heard about the GCPN – please explore the GCPN vision and mission. If you are interested in joining the GCPN – please enter your contact information in the comments below.

In 1990, my wife and I moved to Castaic, California to start a church.

It’s a powerful moment as they share what thoughts, attitudes, or beliefs they are choosing to abandon as a result of the training. After sharing with the group, they place the “leaving behind” Post-It note on my drawing of the trash can.