Spiritual intimacy is about abiding in relationship with Jesus!

This is what really matters: Intimacy with Jesus!

Spending time alone with Jesus must be the priority of every Christian. You cannot grow in a relationship with anyone if you don’t spend time together. You can’t have a healthy marriage if you never talk to your wife or your husband. You can’t have a healthy family if your family never spends any family time together. You can’t have healthy friendships without time together.

The same is true in a relationship with Jesus! A healthy relationship with Jesus is developed by spending lots of time with Jesus: talking with Him, listening to Him, reading His Word, meditating on its truth.

This is what matters most in life! Commit yourself to a daily encounter with Jesus. Spend time together. Hear his voice. Enjoy His presence. Worship Him. Love Him. Follow Him. I can’t think of anything that is more important than for me to invest my time in my relationship with Jesus. This is what matters most!

In Luke 10, there is a great picture of what I have done sometimes. I get busy doing things for Jesus instead of spending time with Jesus. Christians need to realize that being with Him comes first before doing things for Him. Mary and Martha show this clearly. Mary was hanging out with Jesus; Martha was busy serving Jesus. What Martha was doing and what Mary was doing are both important, but Jesus states what matters most.

“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:38-42)

Every Christian must commit to cultivating daily, life-changing intimacy with the Savior – to encounter Jesus every day! That’s what matters most! The most important thing is to grab the Bible every day and spend Time Alone With God (TAWG).

Time Alone with God requires:

1) A TIME – just as attending worship is planned for a regular time each week, you should also plan a time to be alone with God. When is the best time for you to spend time with Jesus?

2) A PLACE – if possible, choose a place free from distractions. Where’s the best place for you to meet God each day?

3) A PLAN – as you read the Bible, think about it carefully and then reflect on what God is saying personally through His Word. I often use SOAP Journaling to help me.

In order to make cultivating a relationship with God a high priority, develop a Bible reading plan and spend time conversing with Jesus every day. That is the only way to encounter Jesus and hear His voice. There is no other way to get to know Him than through His Word and talking to Him.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Spend time alone with God daily!