[featured_image]Jesus was a disciplemaker. That’s what He did – He made disciples who made disciples.

And in some senses, He’s still making disciples today.

The other day, Bob Logan posted on Discipleship as a Jigsaw Puzzle. He asked this question: “How has God discipled me?”

This question got me thinking. A disciple is one who follows and learns from Jesus. Jesus is the one who is making disciples still today.

Here’s how Bob answers the question:

It’s usually not been very linear—more like a jigsaw puzzle. He’ll point something out over here and I work on that for a while. Then something else comes up and I focus in a different place. Then I move back over to what I was doing before, but this time more pieces are in place so progress goes along more quickly.

Yet in spite of the back-and-forth nature of it, the process is not without a plan. The picture on the box tells me what the finished product is supposed to look like. I know what I’m moving toward, even if I don’t get there precisely one row at a time.

The way God does discipleship isn’t linear—it’s mosaic.

I read these paragraphs to the small group of college-aged men I met with on Monday morning. Then I asked them this question: Which part of the puzzle of your life is God working on right now?

Each man took the time to examine where God was working in his life and shared it with the group. Then I asked them to share what steps they needed to take to cooperate with God.

Being discipled by Jesus requires us to follow Jesus and cooperate with God as He conforms us to become more like Jesus.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Consider what part of your life God is working on right now. How will you cooperate with God’s work in your life?