[featured_image]Mark 1:12, “And immediately the Spirit impelled Him to go into the wilderness.” (NASB)

Jesus was impelled by the Holy Spirit to go! The Holy Spirit drove Him into the wilderness. As He began His earthly, public ministry, John baptizes Jesus. The Father acknowledges Him as His Beloved Son – and the Spirit impels Him to go!

Jesus has been sent by the Father and is impelled by the Holy Spirit. Wherever He went after His baptism was a direct result of the Holy Spirit’s direction.

I want to live impelled by the Holy Spirit. I want to be driven by the Holy Spirit. I want to know with confidence that what I am doing and where I am going is directed and driven by the Holy Spirit. This requires that I spend time listening to and following the Holy Spirit’s leading in my life.

When I live a self-directed life, I will lack confidence that my actions will be aligned with Jesus’ mission. It is only when I am impelled by His Spirit that my daily activities will be aligned with His mission.

“Lord, I am listening to Your Spirit. I long to be directed and driven where you desire me to go. Lead me. Amen.”

(From my SOAP Journal)

Today’s Missional Challenge: Listen to the Holy Spirit. Follow His leading and go where He impels you to go today.