How to Be a Blessing

Here’s a simple reality: We’ve been blessed by God to bless others!

To bless someone starts with understanding what needs they have in their life. Some needs can be observed. At other times it’s helpful to simply ask: “What needs do you have?”

Next, be a blessing by tangibly doing your part to meet that need.

When someone experiences a genuine need and you meet that need – you are a blessing in their life. You have blessed them.

Be a Blessing!

Today’s Missional Challenge

Take a moment today to consider who you will bless. Discover their need and do your part to meet that need.


Dave DeVries

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Dr. Dave DeVries is a coach, trainer, author and founder of Missional Challenge. He is passionate about coaching and training church planters and missional leaders. With 30+ years of church planting and leadership development experience, Dave brings his passion and encouragement to those he trains and coaches.
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  1. Chris Jefferies
    Chris Jefferies says:

    So simple to do, so rarely done. It requires noticing and caring.

    Henry Drummond put it like this…
    'Kindness is love in action. Have you ever noticed how much of Christ's life was spent doing good things, simply being kind? Think it over in that way and you'll notice that he invested a lot of time in merely making people happy.
    'There's only one thing in the world greater than happiness. That's holiness and it's not something we have control over. But what the Almighty has put in our power is the happiness of those around us. And in most cases it can be achieved just by being kind.

    From his essay on love. 'The Greatest Thing in the World' (Grab a copy free.)

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