I’m not a hymn writer — but this Thanksgiving I decided to write out a hymn of praise! Sharing it on my blog at first seemed risky, but I really didn’t write it for you. I’m just sharing it so that it may hopefully inspire you to write one of your own…

My Thanksgiving Hymn

My sin, the debt I could not pay, Kept me enslaved, longing to be free. For on my own I have lost my way, And sink deeper in my depravity.

Yet on the cross my debt was paid, Canceling the decree against me. My hope shall never, ever fade, I’ve been transformed eternally.

There’s nothing I can ever do, To earn or deserve God’s grace. And nothing I will ever do, Takes away His loving embrace.

My soul is full of thanksgiving, I’ll sing and shout for all to hear. I give my life to God my King, With faith in Him I have no fear.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Write out your own song of thanksgiving and praise to God for His grace and goodness in your life.