[featured_image]I am on a 30-hour Prayer Retreat with my OC colleagues in Seattle. Today has been a truly wonderful day with the Lord including an afternoon of silence and solitude. What a blessing!

With limited Internet access today, I am choosing to post a prayer that we read tonight to close the day…

Evening Prayer

Renew me this night in the image of your love
Renew me in the likeness of your mercy, O God.

May any refusal to forgive that lingers with me from the day
Any bitterness of soul
That hardens my heart
Be softened by your graces of the night
Renew me in the image of your love, O God,
Renew me in the likeness of your mercy

(Celtic Benediction: Morning and Night Prayer)

Today’s Missional Challenge

Spend time alone with God in silence and solitude.