I received the following list of coaching questions a few years ago from Don Snell. Consider which of these questions (or questions like these) may help you to align your life with Jesus’ disciplemaking mission:

Don's Coaching Questions | missionalchallenge.com

  • What is God doing right now?
  • Are you aware of what God is doing?
  • How are you part of what God is doing?
  • How is God coming to this generation?
  • How is that different than any other generation?
  • Are you under God’s authority? How do you know?
  • Compare and contrast a movement with a program? What is the strength of each, and what is the weakness of each?
  • What do you see that needs to be renewed and/or reformed in the church?
  • How does fulfilling the Great Commission reveal the glory of God?
  • How does the phrase “making disciples that make disciples” help you define a disciple? Or not?
  • What does an organic Spirit-led ministry look like?
  • What are you doing or what is God asking you to do to make God known to a segment of people?
  • How are your core values evidenced in your life? What are the behavioral indicators?
  • What kind of opportunities are around you that will help people own these values?
  • How valuable is reproduction to you? How should this impact your life?
  • What vision of the Lord has God given you?
  • What is the glory of God?
  • What is the holiness of God?
  • What foundation has God shaken in your life?
  • What is God saying to you?
  • What are you saying to God?
  • How will this affect the Church (traditional and new)?
  • How do you hear God? How do you teach someone else to hear God?
  • What are you hearing from God and dare to believe?
  • What are God’s redemptive purposes?
  • How do you teach someone to be obedient, whether in life in general or in the Christian faith?
  • What rights and options have you had to surrender?
  • What is the joy of living within the manifold wisdom of God?

Today’s Missional Challenge

Utilize coaching questions to help move you forward as you align with Jesus’ disciplemaking mission.

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