“Seek the flourishing of the city

The church is not the end. We need to understand that the church is the means to get to the end goal.

The essence of any local church is seen as being the people of God on mission. God has sent His people to complete His mission by making disciples who make disciples!

My daughter sent me a text message this morning that made me smiled. She wrote:

I love to share what God is doing through His missionary people. Here’s a great story from Venture Church in Bozeman, Montana.

The Primary Work of the Church Is NOT on Sundays | missionalchallenge.com

I used to think that it was all about Sunday. I don’t think this any more. The weekend worship service is not the primary work of the church. How can it be when most of the “church” is sitting on seats not doing any work at all?

I had a conversation tonight with my friend Mark Goeser whose son David has been missing since July 22, 2012 (see Find David Goeser). He shared these observations with me…

I’m wondering about the effectiveness of Back to Church Sunday this coming weekend.

It’s my privilege to serve the Missionary Church Western District as the Director of Church Multiplication. I have been in this role for over ten years. It’s been a true blessing for me to come alongside church planters and their teams to encourage their ongoing development!

Dr. Mark DeYmaz shared the following statistics with church planting leaders last year…