The MCWD Church Multiplication Team has as its mission to facilitate a church multiplication movement in each region of the Western District through

Growing up, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green so we wouldn’t get pinched by our friends at school. Nobody ever explained to me who he was and what he did. So, this morning as we ate a “green” breakfast, I told my kids about St. Patrick. Here are three things you should know about him…

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Count Ludwig Nikolaus von Zinzendorf is a preeminent example of the convergence between prayer and missiology. He allowed some refugees from Moravia to establish a village on his land in southeast Germany.

My friend Chris Fukunaga planted a village community in Long Beach, California. He was one of the presenters at our first Missional Leaders Summit in March 2006.

I saw both of these videos at the National New Church Conference in Orlando in April. I think they do a good job of pointing out the tension that exists between the established, institutional church and new forms of church today.

Neil Cole, author of Organic Church and founder of Church Multiplication Associates, shared his perspective with me yesterday on the absence of movements in America. He observes that the church often gets in the way.

These are the Web addresses of bloggers who have joined our new bloggers network – 118 sites. I’ve been told this is a test of fellowship…

This is one of the interesting places we visited on Tuesday. The Theosophical Society was founded by Madame Blavatsky (an occultist) and Colonel Olcott.

My friend Steve Bagdanov ( has a great post you should read…