[featured_image]Dr. Mark DeYmaz shared the following statistics with church planting leaders last year…Demographic Shifts | missionalchallenge.com

  • By 2042, 1 in 2 people will not be white, the US will become a Majority-Minority nation.
  • 48.3% of children 5 and under are minorities, compared to 19% of people over 65.
  • 1 in 7 marriages are interracial, 6x the intermarriage rate of 1960.

“Pastors and planters can no longer afford to ignore the implications for their own ministry or for the people they seek to influence in the future. Failure to recognize the changing landscape or to adapt in accordance with Scripture may soon render their work, or worse yet their message, irrelevant.”


“In an increasingly diverse and cynical society, people will no longer find credible a message of God’s love for all people when it’s preached from unnecessarily segregated congregations.”

DeYmaz asks this haunting question…

If the kingdom of heaven is not segregated then why on earth is the church?

Today’s Missional Challenge

As you consider the changing demographics of America — how will your church adapt?