Church Planters Need All 3: Coach + Mentor + Supervisor |

I had a great dinner tonight with Brian Howard discussing one of my passions – church planters. I love training and coaching church planters!

Stimulate Your Thinking |

Today I had the opportunity to connect with four men who stimulate my thinking.

To fulfill the Great Commission, we need to stop doing ministry by addition and start doing ministry by multiplication…planting churches that plant churches that plant churches that plant churches. Be Fruitful and Multiply by Robert E. Logan (p.58)

My friend and colleague, Dave White, posted this update today about their new church plant…

If you are planting a church, what should be your first priority?

Where do you spend most of your time?

I arrived in Denver around 11am yesterday and headed straight to Eaton Days where High Plains Harvest Church had set up a booth. During the summer, these followers of Jesus have a presence in a variety of local town summer festivals.

I had a phone call yesterday with my friend Paul Madson. Paul and I both planted churches in 1990. I was in Castaic, California planting Lake Hills Community Church. Paul was in Peoria, Arizona planting New Life Community Church. Both of us were blessed to be part of the Missionary Church Western District.

Often times when I reflect on my experience starting a church at 25, I realize that I was naive. There was a lot that I didn’t understand about the church, the gospel, the Spirit, the mission of Jesus, leadership, spiritual authority, disciplemaking, preaching, worship, sin, accountability, and spiritual transformation.