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Where do you intend to GO this year? Who do you intend to BE this year?What do you intend to DO this year? As each year begins, our family gathers to reflect on the previous year and to write down our Go+BE+DOs for the coming year.

Today's Highlight: Authenticity | missionalchallenge.com

I’ve had the amazing privilege to work with a great group of leaders for the past two days. At the end of each day we take turns sharing our highlights of each day over an amazing meal together around a full table. It was a blessing to hear each person share from the heart something that was meaningful to them from our day’s activities.

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Here’s a good video to watch to get an understanding of Church Planting Movements – posted by Act Beyond. (youtu.be/DLl5JKK8_oY) – Thanks +Kirk Anderson for sharing this with me.
CPM Principles
Here are a few of the statements that you should really ponder:

Reducing Body Fat (Part 1) |

Yesterday I entered the Golds Gym Challenge at our local Golds in Issaquah. It’s an opportunity to “transform your body in just 12 weeks.”
The first step was to take “before” photos and weigh in and be measured. The most interesting measurement to me was my percentage of body fat.

Cultivating Movements | missionalchallenge.com

It’s great to be in Southern California for a new project! I’m launching a Missional Movement Leaders Network this month with the Missionary Church Western Region. The focus of this network is to partner together toward the advancement of disciplemaking and church planting movements.

There are a lot of advantages to not being well known when you are starting a new church. You have a lot of freedom to experiment and take risks. Fried and Hansson describe the benefits of obscurity in their book Rework. I think their points are well applied to church planters.

Today as I was driving from Yakima to Bellevue my car reached a milestone. My 2000 Ford Explorer has now traveled over 200,000 miles. I’ve actually been anticipating this for several months. I’ve been curious to know when it would happen and if I would actually be the one driving at the time! I didn’t want to miss it. 200,000 miles seems like quite a distance traveled.

This past summer my wife and I had the opportunity to be in Washington, DC for the weekend remembrance of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963 – fifty years ago.

Last year I had the privilege of writing The Missional Journey with Bob Logan. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I’d like to invite you to download a free excerpt today!

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I put together this quiz for students at Adelphia Bible School at the end of a class I taught on the mission of the Church. If you’ve been reading our Missional Challenge blog, you will probably ace this. Give it a try!