Lake Hills Community Church: 20 Years Ago |

Lake Hills Community Church in Castaic, CA had it’s grand opening worship celebration on November 4, 1990.

Twenty years ago my wife and I partnered together with a few friends to start a new church in Castaic, CA. We were convinced that starting new churches is vital to extending God’s kingdom.

Many years ago I was challenged with the vision of Discipling A Whole Nation. I loved the way that vision flowed out of Christ’s final words to His disciples and the breadth of such a simple statement. I thought at the time – “Now that’s a cause that I could give my life to!”

(From Disciplemaking 101)

My OC colleague, Murray Moerman, recently attended the Lausanne III Conference in Capetown, South Africa along with 4,000 Christian leaders from 198 countries around the world.

How To Feed Myself Spiritually |

I need to feed myself spiritual food every day! Every Christian needs to feed daily on God’s Word to grow!

Guest post by Andy Ragone, Director of InsideOut

I met with a pastor recently who moved to Washington from Texas. He pastors a church that is over 60 years old and was started by southerners who moved to the Northwest many decades ago.

Asking questions is a powerful way to help someone discover truth. Great questions can lead someone to change their ways of thinking, or even take actions that will change their lives.

Accountability is often necessary and helpful in accomplishing your goals! Accountability assists motivated leaders to move further faster.