Guest post by Andy Ragone

Okay, take an inventory get away for a few minutes and ask yourselves the following questions:

1. Does it bother you when you’re not in control?

2. Does it bother you when things don’t go your way?

3. Do you have trouble asking for help?

4. Do you get impatient when people don’t do things right?

5. Does it upset you when you don’t get good service?

6. Do you try people around you?

7. Do you look for the approval or thanks from others?

8. Do you try to keep people happy?

9. Do you reject those who mistreat you?

I don’t think we set out on any given day and intentionally try to be like God, but what did our answers tell us? If the answer is yes, then we just may be trying to control, judging and seeking praise. Sounds a little like God, doesn’t it?

Today’s Missional Challenge

Make a commitment to regularly evaluate your life! Develop a regular routine of asking yourself questions to stay aligned with the mission of Jesus.