[featured_image]I read this quote in Brains on Fire:

“Your company is the stories people tell about it.”– Greg Cordell, Brains on Fire, Chief Inspiration Officer

As I thought about this further, I began to consider how this is also true of local churches.

“Your church is the stories people tell about it.”

This made me wonder – what are the stories that people are telling about your church?

Do you know? How would you find out?

When your church (the People, not just the Sunday worship service) is having a positive impact on the lives of those in the culture around you, those stories are being told. They need to be told. And re-told.

I’ve heard it said that “People aren’t turned off to Jesus; they are turned off to church.” What if that’s because their story (i.e., personal experience) of church has been negative.

How can you change their story?

What might happen if local churches focused less on telling people in the community the “story” of their church and they focused more on hearing the conversations that were being spoken and the stories that were being told about their church?

How might listening to these stories open doors for His story to be shared?

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