[featured_image]I struggle with obeying God.

That’s right. I do. And I bet you do too.

As I’ve said many times, “If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.” But it’s not. It’s hard to obey. And for me it’s often a struggle. I have to choose to obey. It’s not my natural bent. I wish it was.

Even though I’ve been following Jesus as my Lord and Leader for over 40 years, there are days when it’s a real struggle.

Even though I have the power of the Holy Spirit within me, there are days when it’s a real struggle.

I still have sinful desires. I still want to do things my way.

There are areas in my life where I know the right thing to do and I choose not to do. In the book of James, knowing the right thing and not doing it is called sin.

I still sin. I disobey God.

And of course I’m so blessed by God’s grace and forgiveness. But I don’t like this about myself.

Many times when I’ve been discipling college-age students, I will ask them this question:
“Where in your life do you need to obey God?”

I think all Christians are aware of areas where we need to obey God and we are not obeying.

I am. Aren’t you?

I wonder what would happen if everyone who reads this blog post just did one simple thing: Ask God what He wants you to do to obey Him today – and then do it!

What if that became our habit every day?

What if you woke up each morning and asked God, “What do you want me to do today to obey You?”

What if every time we read from the Bible we asked, “What do I need to obey based on what I’ve just read?”

What if we asked our friends, “Where in your life do you need to obey God?”
I think it would change us!

I bet we’d start obeying more. Not because of legalism or duty — but because we were actually committed to discovering what obeying God would look like.

I think a lot of Christians live with a list of “should’s” and “should not’s.” They focus on doing the right things and not doing the wrong things. But I don’t think many Christians have developed the habit of asking God on a daily basis – ‘What do you want me to do today to obey You?”

I want to live like that.

I want my attitude to be – Whatever You ask me to do – I will obey!

Pray for me that I’ll live a life of loving obedience to God.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Whatever He tells you to do, DO IT!