[featured_image]Missional Initiatives aren’t just about meeting needs and serving others. Missional Initiatives are connected directly to the mission of Jesus. We serve and bless and meet needs as we are on mission to make disciples who make disciples.

My friend Steve Ogne shared with me the following activity to kick-start Missional Initiatives where you live, work or play.

Action Step:
Brainstorm 25 ways your church family could get outside the box to bless, serve and reach lost people. Rich and poor!

Key Questions:

  • Which is best done by the whole congregation?
  • Which is best done by small groups or teams?
  • Which is best done by individuals or pairs?
  • Which will make the most difference?
  • Which will make the most relationships?
  • Which will lead to making disciples?
  • What nice Christian activities will you stop doing to make people and money available to reach lost people?

I think the key question above is “which will lead to making disciples?” Unfortunately, most Christians who engage in what they consider “missional” activities do not actually think about or consider how those activities contribute to making disciples who make disciples.

Jesus was a disciplemaker. As He was going about the villages healing and casting out demons and meeting needs, He was making disciples. As followers of Jesus, we need to be doing the same thing – making disciples. That’s our prime directive.

As you engage those in the culture around you…

  • Look for responsive people.
  • Bless them.
  • Invite them to join you in following Jesus.
  • Show them how you follow Jesus.
  • Help them to help those in their circles of relationship to start following Jesus.

That’s a truly missional initiative.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Consider how you can take steps this week to engage in serving others around you with the intention of making disciples who make disciples.