[featured_image]Values provide the foundation for setting the direction of your life and your ministry.

Values describe who you are.

Values reflect your core convictions and guiding principles. Often times they are unwritten assumptions that guide your actions.

Answering the following questions will help you to determine your ministry values:

1. If the Church is to be what God designed it to be, what should we be doing?

2. What do you get passionate about? What makes you slam the table? Or weep?

3. How do you invest your time and money (look at calendar and budget)?

4. For what do you want your church to be known?

5. If we were serious about embodying the mission and message of Jesus, what would we be doing?

6. What are the essential functions of a missionary?

7. What did Jesus do to fulfill His mission?

8. What did the early church do to fulfill the mission?

9. What is keeping believers from incarnating the gospel?

10. What would it look like to “be Jesus” to those around me?

Your answers to these questions will help you to discern your ministry values.

Values MUST be evident in Behaviors!

Write a list of your 5-7 core values, and then provide 2-3 behavioral indicators for each core value.

For example: If you value Authenticity, how do you demonstrate authenticity in your behavior?

  • We don’t pretend to be spiritual
  • We confess our sins to one another
  • We speak the truth in love
  • We accept and forgive each other

If your values are not demonstrated by your behaviors, even the highest level of commitment to Christ and devotion to one another will not accomplish anything.

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