[featured_image]My good friend and colleague Karl Teichert is OC International’s Field Director in South Africa. He is actively engaged in advancing Church Planting Movements in Southern Africa.

While Karl was visiting the US awhile ago, we had a great conversation on how to advance CPMs in the United States. Here are Karl’s thoughts…Starting a CPM Alliance in the US | missionalchallenge.com

Starting a CPM Alliance in the US

  • Listen – have your ears on the ground to hear who is doing what
  • Discover – identify who is experimenting with CPM methodology
  • Data – develop a database of good success stories and rate them
  • Promote – give more exposure to effective models
  • Inquiry – ask questions of those who are actually making progress
  • Collaborate – uncover insights together
  • Reinforce – identify fruitful practices, then spotlight/train/pass on the best
  • Gather – meet in smaller regional conferences to share learning

Over the past year, our One Challenge USA team in Seattle is working to advance CPMs in the Puget Sound region. To discover more about our efforts, visit the PSMI website.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Consider how you can apply the above thoughts in your region. If you live in the Seattle area, consider joining our efforts.