[featured_image]How do you define success in Christian ministry?

Success is achieving an intended outcome. Success in God’s Church is achieving the outcome God intends. Another word for this outcome is mission.
– John Edmund Kaiser, Winning on Purpose (p 19)

If you don’t know what you are aiming to achieve you will never know for certain that you achieved it!

When I coach leaders, we work together to identify what it is that God is leading them to do. We both listen to the Holy Spirit to discern the direction and next steps forward. My role is to help them to hear God’s voice and follow His direction. To me, that’s success – joining God in what He’s doing!

My mentor Bob Logan has reminded me of this understanding of success over and over again. His dad had impressed it on him.

As I train church planters, I warn them not to focus on discovering their mission in life or to write out a really catchy mission statement for their new church. Instead, I challenge them to focus intently on God’s mission and align their lives with the mission of Jesus.

Think about it..

What is God’s mission?

What is your part in God’s mission?

Pursue that – relentlessly! That’s success – doing your part to achieve God’s mission! Go for it!

Today’s Missional Challenge

Know and pursue the mission of Jesus!

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