How is your life aligned with the mission of Jesus? How are you engaging those in the culture around you with the message of the gospel? This is the challenge facing every believer!

Speaking the language of the culture has always been the key to success for the church. But in recent years, the culture has become increasingly complicated. Creating a meaningful connection with the next generation requires more than painting the old fellowship hall in a hip new color. In some cases, it means rethinking our whole calling to ministry. It’s one thing to add a contemporary worship service. But it’s another to truly comprehend the church’s role in bringing the Gospel to life for an entire culture. (Ben Ortlip, “The 7 Languages of Culture,” Catalyst Groupzine, p 12)

This is a Challenge!

Every believer has been sent by Jesus with the gospel in community to the culture for the sake of the King and His kingdom. The challenge, therefore, is for every follower of Jesus around the world to embody the mission everywhere they go!

Mission is not just a program of the church. It defines the church as God’s sent people. Either we are defined by mission, or we reduce the scope of the gospel and the mandate of the church. Thus our challenge today is to move from church with mission to missional church. (Guder, ed, Missional Church, p 6)

Here is the Missional Challenge:

  • Every believer and every church aligning with the mission of Jesus!
  • Every believer equipped to exegete his or her surrounding cultural context and to contextualize the gospel in that context!
  • Making disciples who make disciples who make disciples who keep on making disciples!

Today’s Missional Challenge

Embodying Jesus’ mission everywhere you go!