[featured_image]Welcome to Day 6 as you Take the Missional Challenge!

Take the Missional Challenge is a 31 Day experience designed to help align believers with Jesus’ mission. Each day’s post includes missional concepts and activities. For more information – click here.

The spread of the gospel happens most effectively through close relationships. Therefore, it is vital to explore and expand your relationships with those who don’t yet follow Jesus.

One of the obstacles to missional activity is that Christians can easily focus on spending time with Christians and neglect relationships with non-Christians. Enjoying times of fellowship together and encouraging one another in Christ is necessary and vital (Heb 10:25). However, it’s important to maintain friendships with unbelievers too.

Read about the dangers of Extractionalism – Christians moving out of relationship with non-believers in order to foster relationships almost exclusively within the church.

Read about how Jesus spent time with people – “With Me” Principle.

DAY 6 ACTION STEP: Engage those in my “world” that don’t yet follow Jesus!

1. Draw six circles on a piece of paper.
2. Label six of your natural circles of influence.
Note: a circle of influence includes people who you are currently
connected to relationally in areas of your life.
3. Write the first names of unbelievers in each circle who know you by name.
4. Start praying for these people daily.
5. List four needs you believe God is calling you to serve in your circles.
6. Consider how you could meet the needs of those in your circles.
7. Spend time with them – do things together.

Day 6 Missional Challenge: Start praying daily for your friends who don’t yet follow Jesus! Choose to meet needs and engage in activities together.