As a coach, I’ve learned a lot about what NOT to do. I share this list with you to encourage coaches in their coaching practice.

20 Things Coaches Must NEVER Do

  1. Hijack the conversation agenda.
  2. Start a coaching relationship without a signed agreement.
  3. Coach while driving (or distracted)Coaches: 20 Things To NEVER DO | missionalchallenge.com
  4. Overpromise results.
  5. Advertise who you are coaching or have coached.
  6. Sell coaching.
  7. Bore people or look bored.
  8. Expect email to close the sale.
  9. Do it all yourself.
  10. Keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.
  11. Show up late for an appointment.
  12. End a coaching series without getting a reference letter.
  13. Go anywhere without a stack of business cards.
  14. Develop your own website if you don’t know how.
  15. Waste time following up on people who aren’t interested in coaching.
  16. Be unclear about who your clients are.
  17. Send an email without a link to your website.
  18. Self deprecate.
  19. Stop serving the client.
  20. Give up.

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