[featured_image] I love coaching and training coaches. The more I coach leaders the more I learn what NOT to do — and what I need to do. Yesterday, I posted 20 Things to Never DO.

If you want to be successful as a coach, be consistent in what you do!

20 Things Coaches Must ALWAYS Do   

  1. Keep your Coaching Log current!
  2. Regularly reflect on your coaching.
  3. Be who you are.
  4. Keep your website up to date.
  5. Ask for referrals.
  6. Deliver more.
  7. Be available. 
  8. Trust and be trustworthy.
  9. Keep your clients confidential.
  10. Maintain ethical standards.
  11. Celebrate wins and accomplishments.
  12. Invite the client to set the agenda.
  13. Work your marketing strategy.
  14. Pray for your clients.
  15. Be prepared before each call. Follow your routine.
  16. Stay focused.
  17. Embody your coaching approach.
  18. Talk to people. Tell everyone what you do and why.
  19. Get out of the house.
  20. Look people in the eye.

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Today’s Missional Challenge

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