Creating a Church-Planting Proposal |

Efforts to start new churches are fueled by a godly vision that focuses on living and proclaiming the gospel message to every man, woman and child in a specific geographic area so that they may come to know and believe in Jesus Christ.

In his book Be Fruitful and Multiply, Bob Logan identifies the following qualities of an attractive church planting movement…

It’s been a privilege for me to work with Pastor Walter Herrera, who started six churches in Argentina (five of them in the province of Buenos Aires and one in La Rioja)

Dr. Charles Ridley, an occupational psychologist, upon interviewing 100 church planters, determined that thirteen key qualities were needed for an individual to be an effective church planter.

So you want to plant a church…now what? What questions are you asking?

Over the past seven years, the Missionary Church Western District has been intentional about starting new churches. The MCWD includes six states: California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado.

Should We Focus On Planting Fast-Growing Churches? |

This is the question I’ve been asking myself since I finished reading Stephen Gray’s Planting Fast-growing Churches last weekend.

After struggling to plant a church in the early 90s, and sacrificing much to make it happen, I believe that it’s necessary for church plants to have the necessary funding to succeed.

Last night at the Organic Movements Conference, Deb Hirsch gave the opening talk. She started by addressing the question – “What is it that motivates you to do what you do?”

Henri Nouwen’s humility is felt from the introduction as he describes himself as “part of a larger movement of which I am only a very small part” (9).