[featured_image]This Missional Challenge blog is all about aligning eveAligning Students with Jesus' Mission | missionalchallenge.comry believer with the mission of Jesus!

I want to encourage Christians to live on mission – to embody the mission – to live the mission.

Every Christian is sent by Jesus with the Cross in Community to the Culture for the sake of the King and His kingdom.

Missional living involves being Jesus to everyone everywhere!

When it involves aligning students with the mission of Jesus, I love what Brian Aaby and Youthmark have been doing for the past several years. They are preparing students to live their lives on mission!Youthmark coordinates mission trips for students that are more than just one-week experiences. Each missions trip is designed to prepare students for a life lived on mission with Jesus. Youthmark founder, Brian Aaby, explains on his blog…I am proud of what we’ve been able to do with hundreds of ministry partners over the last few years at Youthmark. But leading short-term missions has never been our primary goal. Our goal is MISSION51! We want to see participants equipped for the 51 weeks of life outside the mission. We believe the mission trip is simply a catalytic and/or culminating event in the midst of the other 51 week mission to our own Jerusalem! (read more)

Brian believes that Most Mission Trips are Incomplete. That’s what I love about Youthmark – the trip is not the end, but the means to the end. The end goal is every student aligned with Jesus’ mission for the rest of their lives!

The resources that Youthmark provides will help your students prepare for the trip and beyond. I highly recommend checking out the training materials Youthmark offers.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Don’t wait for students to become adults to join the mission of Jesus. Start training them now! (and check out Youthmark’s resources)