[featured_image]The focus of our energy at Missional Challenge is to advance missional movements globally.

It’s hard to believe that just six years ago I was engulfed in writing my doctoral dissertation on Missional Transformation: Fueling Missionary Movements that Transform America. I wouldn’t have imagined then that this project would serve so foundationally for our ministry with OC International.

As we begin this New Year, our Missional Challenge team is fully focused on this objective: we envision thousands and thousands of Christians trained and coached to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples – to the fourth generation and beyond. And not just here in America, but around the whole world.

At a recent training event, someone asked me how I define the word “movement.” As I thought about how to respond to his question, I remembered someone’s description of rapid growth through multiplication “by 50 percent in the number of churches in a given year to the third generation.” That’s a good way to describe a movement.

When we at Missional Challenge talk about movements we obviously want to see rapid multiplication. However, we are less about annual growth rates and are more focused on multiplying generations.

The reality is that many churches are growing through addition rather than multiplication. Disciplemaking has been the work of too few. The spread of movements is dependent on every disciple multiplying disciples to the fourth generation and beyond. This is what Paul describes in 2 Timothy 2:2 –
Paul > Timothy > Faithful Men > Others
Jesus sent His disciples to make disciples who make disciples. Paul is a disciplemaker when Timothy has actually made a disciple who makes disciples. That’s four generations!

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Today’s Missional Challenge

Focus on multiplication to the fourth generation and beyond. That’s when you will start to see a movement.