Recently someone who participated in the Core Coaching Skills Certificate Program asked for some insights on coaching in a cross cultural context. I shared some basic concepts that are helpful in any coaching context. Let me know what you think…

7 Basic Coaching Insights

1) Relationship is key! (This is difficult to establish in a 20 minute conversation. It takes time to establish trust.)

2) Visual connection can be helpful. (There are certain things that you cannot pick up as readily with only a voice to voice connection.)

3) Study the background context. (When you establish a coaching relationship, do some research to better understand the client’s background and context — especially if they are from a different culture.)

4) Don’t rush. (It takes time to gain understanding. Take the time to first understand and then to be understood.)

5) Keep your expectations realistic. (One coaching conversation rarely is life changing. Life change often comes in a series of conversations.)

6) Don’t work so hard. (Trust the coaching process. Let the client do the work. Your job is to guide the process.)

7) Become comfortable with not needing to know and understand. (This takes time. It’s an advanced coaching skill.)

If you want to grow and develop in your coaching skills, here are two things that will help you:

1) Attend an ICF approved coaching skills training. (I highly recommend CORE.)

2) Find a mentor-coach who can help you develop in your coaching competencies.

If you are interested in finding a coach – www.missionalchallenge.net/coaching

Today’s Missional Challenge

Grow in your coaching skills through coach specific training and mentor-coaching.