When the gulf coast of the United States was hit by a Category 5 hurricane in 2005, we watched in shock at the devastation of this disaster. Tens of thousands of businesses and homes were beyond repair. Hurricane Katrina was a deadly disaster – the deadliest in the US since the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

In starting Lake Hills in Castaic, California, one of our first steps to exegete and understand those in our town was do conduct a Community Survey. We chose to go door to door throughout the neighborhoods of Hidden Lake, Bravo, Northbluffs and Sagecrest on two consecutive Sundays (September 9 and 16).

Each day includes specific tasks to help you discover what missional living is all about, and action steps to start “being Jesus” to those around you!

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I found this picture today on my friend Paul Madson’s facebook page. I love it!

A worrying amount of talent, effort and money is wasted everyday to create “Christian” music and apparel.

As of this morning, Facebook now has 500 Million users!