[featured_image]Many Christians feel that you need to go out and knock on doors and pass out tracks and preach a message of hell, fire and damnation to get people into heaven. I can’t find anywhere in the NT where we are told to knock on doors or scare people out of hell.

But we are told to love our neighbors. And through loving them, they will meet Jesus Christ even though they may not even know that they have met Him. Once they sense the reality of Christ’s love through you, they may be open to talk about the reason for the love and acceptance they’ve experienced.

Talking to people about Jesus starts simply…

Love others like Jesus loved you.

(That’s lesson #2 in Six-Word Lessons to Discover Missional Living. Jesus tells us to love people “as I have loved you” – John 13:34.)

Some Christians think – “I haven’t been a Christian for very long so I won’t know how to talk to someone about Jesus.”

The fact is: Your relationship with Jesus is the single most important qualification for talking to others about Jesus.

Your personal experience of coming to have faith in Jesus and follow Jesus is the foundation for talking to somebody you know about Jesus. Start there.

Jesus says in Acts 1:8 that His followers are “witnesses.” A witness is someone who is a witness to something. In a courtroom, a witness gives testimony to what they have seen or experienced. As witnesses of Jesus Christ, we communicate the reality of Jesus in our own experience.

Remember the blind man whom Jesus healed that was questioned about Jesus. He answered, “I once was blind, but now I see.” He gave testimony of his own personal experience with Jesus.

That’s the essence of talking about Jesus to your friends and neighbors. Tell them what Jesus has done in your own life…

  • How Jesus changed your marriage.
  • How Jesus has brought you peace.
  • How God’s forgiveness brings joy.
  • How you have a new sense of purpose and meaning.
  • How you’ve been set free from destructive habits.

When people see a difference in your life, they will want to know about it, and you can tell them about Jesus.