[featured_image]One of the most important coaching topics that I am asked to address is in the area of Leadership Development. Pastors, church planters and missional leaders are constantly facing the challenge of recruiting, developing and raising up leaders. There are never enough leaders! Therefore, a commitment to ongoing leadership development is the only way to have more and better leaders.

You may be wondering: How can I develop more leaders around me?

10 Factors in Developing Leaders

  • Cultivate a Leadership Development Culture in your church or ministry.
  • Be passionate about leadership development.
  • Constantly challenge those around you to grow in their leadership skills.
  • Focus on the character development of leaders.
  • Know what kind of leaders you need: what does a leader need to know, be and do?
  • Don’t just depend on recruiting leaders from other places – train leaders around you.
  • Be diligent to model leadership principles in your own life.
  • Think just-in-time and on-the-job.
  • Don’t train for ministry – train in ministry.
  • Multiply everything – require every leader around you to reproduce themselves.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Choose one of the ten leadership factors above – work on it!