[featured_image]As I watched the Olympics this past week, I am continually stunned by the sheer determination and keen discipline of Olympic athletes. I’m amazed not only by those who finish first and receive the gold, but also by every single person who competes in the games.What is Holding You Back? | missionalchallenge.com

Every one of them has done something that I will never do!

I will never be an Olympic athlete! I respect every one of them.

While I will not compete in the Olympics (and you may not either), we can pursue and become all that God has created us to be!

In a coaching conversation this past week I was asked this powerful question:
“What is holding you back?”

I considered my situation and answered, “Loyalty.”

I was then asked for another word to describe loyalty.

And as I considered how to describe what I was feeling, I gained a deeper self-awareness. I realized that I had allowed other people and circumstances to get in the way of my pursuit of God’s purpose for my life. In some ways I had settled for less than God’s best!

So I made a commitment to press on for the goal! I choose to not allow myself to hold me back!

Now I want to ask you as you read this: “What is holding you back?”

What might it take for you to fully pursue God’s purpose for your life?

Today’s Missional Challenge

Don’t hold back! Pursue God’s purpose for your life with reckless abandon.

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