[featured_image]Neil Cole describes what a multiplication movement is not…

  • Church planting without multiple generations of churches. That’s just addition.
  • Gathering together and assimilating Christians from other churches to form new ones. That’s not even addition — it’s just shuffling the deck.
  • Big revivals and evangelistic crusades.
  • A centralized leadership development institution that sends out many church planters.

Then he challenged me with this thought… “Don’t call it multiplying until you get to the fourth generation.”

And finally… “96% 0f churches in the U.S. won’t have a daughter church.”

Most of us think that statement is accurate. We’d agree with that statement instead of being alarmed by it. If we heard on the news tomorrow that 96% of women in the United States were infertile – there would be widespread alarm and panic. However, when we consider that churches in America are infertile, we don’t give it much attention.

God, forgive us for our indifference.

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