[featured_image]I met Tim Roehl several years ago through my friend Steve Ogne. As a missionary with CRM, Tim’s ministry gives him the privilege to assess, coach and train leaders from many different denominations and organizations across the United States and around the world.

Tim is the author of The Day that Changed Forever and the co-author with Steve Ogne of TransforMissional Coaching.

Last month on Tim’s blog, he posted a work in progress – Life Principles that God has been teaching him over the past several decades. Tim notes, “All of them became a ‘Life Principle’ for me because the Holy Spirit first impressed and then etched them on my heart they have become part of my spirit! They’ve also shaped who I am as a man of God, leader, husband, father, friend and teammate.”

These are lessons that you don’t necessarily learn in a classroom or in a book – they are only learned as you live life in relationship with God.

Life Principles About My Relationship with God

1. I am responsible for the depth of my relationship with God. He is responsible for the breadth of my influence for Him.

2. My identity is grounded in Jesus…a life based on grace.

3. Live as a son, not as a slave.

4. “Not by might…but by the power of the Holy Spirit.” I must be, and choose to be a Spirit-cleansed, Spirit-filled and Spirit-led man.

5. Be a man of worship–I will present my whole self before a whole Holy God.

6. A shout of praise sends all hell into confusion.

7. Have a warrior’s heart, but stay tender to people.

8. Take time for solitude–it stretches and nourishes the soul.

9. Catch an updraft from heaven–fly like an eagle! (Isaiah 40:31)

10. Live from a pure heart. Holiness is essential, not optional.

11. Make it a continual goal to live with a clean heart, a clear conscience, and a faith that wears no masks. (II Tim. 1:7)

12. Greater is He that is in me than my enemy and the world! (I John 4:4)

13. Be ruthless with sin in yourself, merciful with sin in others. (Jude 20-23)

14. Integrity is integral.

15. Where God causes His name to be honored, He will come and bless. (Ex. 20:24)

16. Before revealing His will, God desires to first reveal Himself to us.

17. Only in my brokenness can God pour out His power.

18. Never underestimate the power of a life completely abandoned to God.

19. Don’t shrink back…never allow yourself to be a casual Christian! (Heb. 10: 39)

20. An outward physical/emotional craving is a sign of an inward spiritual need.

21. To take a pill to heal the body is commendable, but to take a pill to try to heal the soul is deplorable.

22. Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness and the holiness of beauty.

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I’m so grateful for the wisdom that Tim shares. #13 above is particularly powerful – it’s so easy to do the reverse. Here’s a list of some lessons that I learned as a pastor.

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Today’s Missional Challenge

What are the life principles that God has taught you about your relationship with Him? Consider writing them down and sharing them with others.

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