Today as I was watching ESPN, I listened to the commentary on Ray Lewis’ career. One of the broadcasters made this statement, “There is no leader like Ray Lewis in the NFL.”
As I considered what he was saying, it made me wonder – Is Ray Lewis really a great leader? What would qualify him as a great leader? Are there no other leaders in the NFL like Ray Lewis? What makes him one of a kind?

Ray Lewis is on the way to the Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens after defeating the New England Patriots 28-13 in the AFC Championship Game today. USAToday reports: “Lewis collected a team-high 14 tackles with nine in the first half.”

Consider Ray Lewis’ stats: (from Wikipedia)

Career history

Roster status: Active

Career highlights and awards

NFL 2000s All-Decade Team

  • 20 sack/20 interception Club- Quickest to reach (113 games)
  • 30 sack/30 Interception Club- Quickest to reach (204 games)
  • 40 sack/30 Interception Club- Only Member

Career NFL statistics as of 2012

Tackles 2,050

Quarterback sacks 41.5

Interceptions 31

That’s pretty impressive! And he’s got one game left in his NFL career!

There’s No Leader Like You!

So here’s what I want you to think about – you are the only leader like you!

You are unique as a leader. While you may have read some great books that others have also read that have influenced your understanding of leadership — no one else has your experience as a leader.

We initially learn to lead by watching other leaders, but we truly learn to lead by leading. Your experiences as both a follower and as a leader define you as a leader. This makes you unique!

You may never lead like Ray Lewis — and the good news is: You don’t have to! Because you aren’t Ray Lewis.

Lead like you. Do leadership as God has gifted you to lead.

You don’t have to copy somebody else’s leadership style to be a great leader. You simply have to take responsibility to lead those that God has entrusted to you to lead.

If you are a leader – lead! Don’t neglect your calling. Don’t neglect your gifting. Lead well.

And if you need help to grow in your leadership — get a mentor or a coach to help you!

In Romans 12:8, Paul challenges those who are gifted to lead to lead diligently!

Today’s Missional Challenge

If you are gifted to lead, lead diligently! Don’t try to be someone else. Lead like you!