[featured_image]This past summer, my daughter Madeline was part of a summer missions team from Crossroads Bible Church that traveled to Spain. The team partnered with CBC missionaries to facilitate a soccer camp.https://missionalchallenge.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=4334&action=edit | missionalchallenge.com

Each of the team members took the opportunity to post updates to the team’s blog. I asked my daughter if I could share one of her updates with you…

Friday August 18th 2011

Today we awakened earlier than usual to experience the source of the delicious aroma that has been filtrating our nostrils since we arrived in Toral. Down the street from the camp we are staying at is a cheese shop that hand makes their cheese from sheep milk (though it should be noted that they also have giant suction machines too). Right behind this shop is where it all begins. We witnessed the sheep milking process!!!! We were all enthralled (perhaps the girls a little more than the boys). Then Missy and I made roughly 300 brownies and cupcakes for dessert with Susan and our new awesome friend Bea! We love Bea. Bea is a leader with us who loves to practice her English. One of her favorite phrases is, “What happened?!” We crack up and always say “What happened Bea?”

Then later we took our daily afternoon walk to the pool where we had a competition of who could jump the coolest way into the pool. The little ones enjoyed running and jumping into the pool to splash us American girls sitting on the edge. The boys took to the skies with airplane dives and barrel rolls. It was a super fun afternoon bonding more with the kids and enjoying the Spanish sun. That night we had American hamburgers and started a legit dance party in the courtyard. I personally enjoyed dancing with a little boy who didn’t speak Spanish or English but he couldn’t stop smiling! Definitely made my night seeing him smile and have fun. Matt’s mastery of Techno dancing inspired the entire camp to get involved in a massive dance circle of fun.

To finish the night off, we played a game of candle lit soccer. If your candle went out, you were out. This game reminded me that we need to let our lights shine for Jesus and not be distracted by other things that may make our lights go out! Praying that this last day with the kids will be full of opportunities to share Christ’s love through our words and actions. To God be the glory!

We love you all!!!!

Maddie DeVries,

Watch this video of the CBC Missions Team to Spain 2011

Today’s Missional Challenge

Let your light so shine before men that they will see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven!